Windows and patio doors


Aluminium fixtures with thermal cutting

Excellent thermal performance, unmatched versatility and durability

Our casement windows and patio doors can be installed in recent buildings as well as in renovations and historical buildings that blend well with the aesthetic of aluminum. Aluminium windows are an environment-friendly choice, since aluminium can be recycled while maintaining excellent performances, security, capacity and endurance of the window. Moreover, aluminium fixtures are varnished to guarantee resistance to any type of weather and climatic conditions.

colori-alluminiomazzetta colori-alluminioIts versatility allows full adaptation to any shape and architectural project, integrating and making unique any living environment. It is possible to create several shapes, opening typologies, accessories, chromatic surfaces and coatings, all in line with municipal regulations, even in the historical city center. Numerous system variants and large range of accessories enable a diversified and flexible use concerning the shapes as well as — sometimes particularly high — dimensions of the windows. We pay special attention to security, our fixtures can be provided with high quality security systems to guarantee maximum protection against burglary attempts.

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It combines wood’s elegance and aluminium’s advantages with a refined design, suitable for every structure.

alluminio-legnoThis series, AluminiumWood can perfectly combine the charm and warmth of the finest wood indoor and the resistance of aluminium against weather conditions outdoor. This compromise guarantees an elevated level of thermal and sound insulation as well as close-to-none maintenance and varnishing.

To ensure more sturdiness, the aluminium part is entirely insulated at its junctions, completely eliminating the possibility of cracks and oxidation of the varnish. The matching of wood and aluminium takes place through a system that allows the most complete freedom of movement between the two different materials.

Harmoniously rounded outlines were designed to allow adaptation to any context, from the most classical to most modern.

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PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

High energy performance and functionality


With PVC fixtures it is possible to combine perfectly aesthetic values with those of functionality and endurance. They represent the best solution to guarantee elegance, thermal and sound insulation and energy saving. In fact, PVC is a very innovative material and it is especially suitable for the manufacture of fixtures. Its low thermal conductivity level and its capacity to absorb sound waves result in excellent performances in regard to thermal and sound insulation. A considerable amount of time is saved by the absence of any maintenance — necessary with traditional fixtures – and extremely easy cleaning.

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